Joe Sokolowski

~ Lead Informational Artist ~

I believe that strong, connected family relationships are the key to solving many of today’s problems.

Learning from my past along with my 25+ years of working with young people, I want everyone to experience the best relationship they possibly can with God, each other, and themselves. I’ve been a youth leader on and off in church and ministry settings for 20 years, a behavioral health Therapeutic Support Staff, Student Assistance Counselor at an alternative school, and my wife and I have been Houseparents for 12 Middle School girls at Milton Hershey School for the past 8+ years. Along with currently running a student home for 12 Middle School girls at MHS, I am a Lead Houseparent, Mentor, Middle Division Youth Group Leader, Training Facilitator, Activity Coordinator, Teacher, and Small Group Leader. But the role I embrace first is that of a loving husband and father who is constantly learning how to love my family well.My passion is seeing families connect with each other in healthy, life-giving ways while helping individuals reach their full potential.