Family Coaching & Consulting

Seeing happy families loving each other and enjoying life brings me the greatest joy. Drawing from personal past experiences, my career in working with people and youth, and extensive study, I’ve dedicated my life to helping families thrive towards positive, healthy relationships with each other. If there is any way I can help come alongside you and your family in your journey – please let me know.

{I am not a licensed counselor and in no way will diagnose or prescribe anything. I can help you think through your situation from an outside perspective, give advice and suggestions that you can choose to implement, help with communication between individuals, and coach you through improving your relationships.}


Currently, I do not charge for this coaching/consulting. The only thing I ask is that you help me improve by completing an honest survey that will let me know what I did well, what I could improve, and how others would benefit from this ministry. (Of course, if my services were of value to you, any donation would be accepted and appreciated.)

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