I (Joe) am passionate about communicating life-changing messages to teens, teachers, parents, or just about anyone who wants to improve their life and relationships.

Some of the topics I present on are:


  • God’s Purpose for Anger ~ Eliminating the negative effects of anger in your life
  • Knowing Your Worth ~ Understanding how valuable you really are
  • Who Am I? ~ Discovering your identity
  • When God Writes Your Love Story ~ Dating and Relationships
  • Controlling Your Emotions ~ So they don’t they control you
  • Fear vs.Love ~ Destroying the power of fear and living from a place of love
  • What are we Searching For? ~ How we are all searching for something…Jesus
  • It’s All About Love ~ What Love is and how we live it out
  • Alternate Spiritual Reality ~ A glimpse into the Supernatural Dimension
  • God, Jesus & the Bible ~ How we know what we know as Truth
  • Life Strategies For Teens ~ Adapted from the book by Jay McGraw


  • Connecting with Kids ~ Our influence is directly proportional to our connection
  • Motivating Change ~ Discipline, consequences, & how punishment never works
  • Confronting Failure in Students ~ How to help them win when they “lose”
  • Messes & Problems ~ Discovering the root of behavior problem

In Development

  • Being A Powerful Person ~
  • Forgiven For Good ~
  • Choices ~ The foundation for freedom & responsibility
  • Communication ~

Currently, I do not charge a speaking fee. As I develop my speaking skills and expand my audience, the only requirement I have is letting me know how I did and what I could do better by completing a feedback form. (Of course, any donation or a free will offering would be appreciated.)

I have my own projector & sound system ~ you just need a room with a wall (or screen) and people who want to engage.

If you are interested in having me come and speak to your group, please fill out the information below and we will be in touch.

{Photo credit: PJHumphries via VisualHunt /  CC BY-ND}